Corporate Identity and Branding

Planning to launch (or relaunch) your website or your new business? Fantastic!

Don’t have proper branding guidelines or corporate identity documents?


This is because your corporate identity (what some like to call a ‘Brand Bible’) is there to guide everyone who is ever going to work on your brand. Your CI includes your core company values, preferred tone of voice, font and colour choices, logo do’s and don’ts, visuals and imagery. The list of applications is not exhaustive.

So, if you are an SME and you want to work with different designers, writers or other service providers – that is your prerogative (because hey, times are tough) BUT without clearly defined branding, you open up all of the aforementioned IP (Intellectual Property) to individual interpretation by different service providers, which means you WILL confuse your target market and skimp on the quality you want your product or service to portray – all to the probable detriment of your own bottom line.


Launching a website can be a daunting exercise. I have seen way too many DIY website undertakings gone wrong. I can connect you with the best service provider and solutions for hosting, building and maintaining your WordPress website.

What’s more is that I am able to manage the project and take care of the website content, which is a win for both the website provider and the client, because websites can only be designed on the foundation of content.


My copywriting career launched in the print advertising arena, where I worked with DTP operators, graphic designers, traffic managers and media buyers. This is where I learned the importance of good design and copy, and how it needs to work together.

Because spacing; kerning; consistent spelling and grammar, along with the proper use of fonts; positioning of visuals; and correct use of colour all MATTER to the reputation of your brand!

I can collaborate with your designers on advertising concepts, copy and visual styles or I can connect you with experienced designers.

I know your needs are as unique as your business.


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