The obligatory intros



Hi, I am Annelie Fouché: I am a Cape Town-based freelancer, specialising in copywriting, proofreading and digital marketing services.

My absolute passion and pleasure is to help small businesses get out of their starting blocks and to assist established SMEs with marketing communication tools and solutions to further business growth.

Ever since I was little, I’ve been obsessed with the magic of words and how stories could transport people to different worlds. I was an avid reader, raking in the prize for most books read in Grade 1. I will never forget the five golden stars awarded to me by my Grade 2 teacher for my pencil-written rendition of the heroic ‘Wolraad Woltemade’.

Fast forward a couple of decades and even though a lot has changed, I remain a writer and storyteller at heart. I even met and married the man of my dreams thanks to writing (yes, we were pen pals; and no, I did not judge his writing).

At home, on a farm in the Stellenbosch Winelands, I am surrounded by vineyards, Nguni cows, toy cars and the love of four amazing men (one grown, and three mini copy and paste versions of him).

Oh, and I adore YELLOW.

What I do

My background includes copywriting and account managing in the advertising sphere for more than a decade. I am also a SETA-accredited e-Marketing (aka Digital Marketing) Professional with keen insight into the principles of content marketing and the implementation of digital strategies and campaigns.

This gives me a robust foundation for writing and curating content for various and diverse projects and platforms, or even to don a project management hat where the need exists. I have written, proofread and edited for, and also managed a wide variety of clients and projects, including:

  • Advertising (print and digital)
  • Branding ((managing the formulation of corporate identities and visual styles))
  • Digital content, incorporating the principles of SEO (websites, social media, blogs)
  • Brochures
  • Electronic newsletters

I have rendered services to various industries, including digital marketing and advertising agencies, corporate, finance and a variety of small businesses, covering a multitude of topics, such as parenting, coaching, real estate, lifestyle, digital marketing and promotional content.

Why your small business needs me

Good content is the foundation of everything you want to portray about your brand to your audience (read potential clients and income). Grammar Nazi, meticulous, and a stickler for detail are badges I wear proudly. I know and value the importance of not only good, but well-thought-out writing.

I understand the principles of and differences between writing for print versus writing online content (this includes writing for SEO) and believe that consistency is the glue that holds your brand image together.

I also partner with like-minded collaborators (website developers, designers, photographers, story marketers and digital strategists).

In essence, this means that even if you have NO IDEA where to start, I could probably point you in the right direction and help you to take charge of managing your branding or digital project from start to finish while taking care of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s.

I believe in partnering and collaborating with my clients and service providers, because the best client service is achieved through long-lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships.


Any good designer or marketer will tell you that you need copy and/or content before you can even begin to design ANYTHING. Content will determine the course of your entire brand, including: corporate identity, core values, value proposition, tonal voice and creative direction for designs (the standard ‘look and feel’ of your brand).

As a freelance consultant, content curator and writer, I partner with like-minded businesses who understand and value the same principles. So, no matter where you find yourself in terms of the professional marketing services you need for your brand or businesses: I will partner with you concerning your content and writing needs, and in addition, I will also be able to introduce you to other service providers who understand how important this is.

If time is your most valuable resource, I can also coordinate the entire process by acting as a lead consultant/project manager for your long-term project or once-off campaign.


Let's Connect

You can find me on the following platforms, or let’s connect the old fashioned way - over a steaming cup of java!


Stellenbosch, South Africa